This week was basically “Hands on” the Mozilla tools that I learned about in the community bonding period. I worked on the Bug 1276577 - Use Switchboard.isInExperiment(). We use Switchboard to enable the synchronization of the downloadable content catalog for 50% of our Nightly users. In the previous implementation we used Experiment.isInExperimentLocal(). It exists for the first run. To decide whether the user is in experimental mode before the first run of the application we will be using the Switchboard.

I started gathering the necessary details on how to approach the Bug 1095719 (downloadable-hyphenation-dicts). In order to proceed further, first I will be writing to download the hyphenation-dictionaries. Having done that I will proceed to write code to exclude the hyphenation dictionary from the build. This way we can avoid breaking the current build