Initially for packaging the reftests seperately a new directory was created and all the dictionary files were dumped.


In this patch the following files were changed.


In this case the build file in the mobile directory has to be changed in order to accomodate the newly created directory “hyphenation”.

DIRS += [
    'javaaddons', # Must be built before base.

In this case we are introducing a redundancy. The “Hyphenation dictionaries” already exist in this path. So it is decided that we need not to create a new directory and have the same files in multiple places. So the testing tool should be able to pick up the files from the existing location that is mentioned above and bundle it with the test profile directory and push it to the mobile while running the reftests. So this week I have started to explore the way to make the reftests pick up the files from different directories and bundle it.